Acorn International, Inc.



Acorn International, Inc. is a leading direct marketing and brand merchandising company in China, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: ATV). Throughout its nearly twenty-year history, Acorn has built an unparalleled track record of developing famous consumer branded products and promoting and selling these products to consumers everywhere across China.

Robert Roche co-founded the company in 1988 and currently serves as Executive Chairman. He has built a truly international company in China, blending his international business expertise and best practices with the local Chinese culture. The company is managed by a diverse leadership team comprised of expatriate and local Chinese managers.  Acorn takes what is best from the world —from its product selection, product design and product quality, to its management expertise and knowledge of global best practices – to China and to the Chinese consumers.  Roche has steered Acorn through a number of business challenges, most recently leading the business turnaround that resulted in a net profit for Acorn in 2016, the first since 2011.  

Previously the dominant player in the Chinese TV infomercial arena, Acorn’s current direct marketing model emphasizes omni-channel sales and marketing, and focuses particularly on e-commerce sales of proprietary-branded and licensed merchandise.

Jacob A. Fisch, Chief Executive Officer

 Jacob A. Fisch is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Acorn International. Fisch’s background includes executive roles with Li & Fung Limited (HKSE: 494), a global supply chain manager and consumer products giant from 2006 to 2010, and then with its controlling shareholder, the Fung Group, from 2010 to 2012. He served as Director of Corporate Development for the Fung Group, and Senior Vice President – General Counsel for Li & Fung Limited, where he was a member of the core leadership team and global head of legal operations, with responsibilities for more than 80 offices in 40 countries.

Fisch co-founded Nest, a Hong Kong venture firm, in 2010, and in 2011 he founded Mile Point Capital Partners.  In 2013, he co-founded and became the non-executive Chairman of Dragon Law, a Hong Kong and Singapore-based technology company. Prior to these roles, he served as an attorney at leading international law firms in New York City, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. 

Fisch earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a bachelor of arts degree from Columbia University.