Redhorse Performance, Inc.


Redhorse Performance, Inc. (“RHP”) is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance engine components for use in the automotive and marine aftermarkets.  RHP sells its products both through a network of leading performance parts distributors in North America and direct to the consumer through its own e-commerce website.  RHP launched its brand in 2006 with the hand polished hose end, which remains the best looking high performance fitting on the market.   Expanding the line to currently 2800 parts, RHP currently offers a full line of hoses and fittings.

Benjamin Johnson

Benjamin Johnson is the President of Redhorse Performance, Inc.  He moved to Shanghai in 2006 to study Chinese. After one year of intensive study he began working for the Roche Family office as an executive assistant to Robert Roche.

Benjamin has serviced as President of Redhorse Performance since 2010 after starting with the company in 2008.  Mr. Johnson sees both the sourcing and manufacturing in China as well as the logistics of sales and marketing out Chicago, IL.  During the past 6 years sales of Redhorse Performance products have grown by more than 400%, making Redhorse one of fasting growing brands in the performance industry and a leader in its product segment.

Benjamin is a fluent reader, writer and speaker of Mandarin Chinese.  He holds a bachelors degree from the University of Illinois Urban-Champaign and is currently enrolled in the Executive MBA Program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, scheduled to graduate in March 2017.