Oak Lawn Marketing, Inc.


Oak Lawn Marketing ("OLM") has been offering Shop Japan products and services based on its vision of enriching lifestyles worldwide, offering customers solutions and opportunities to realize their dreams.

Since its founding, OLM has consistently adhered to its Voice of Customer concept of listening attentively to its customers. This is why OLM has always operated its own independent call center. Valuable feedback from customers received at the call center is quickly analyzed and used to develop and improve products and services.

In recent years, OLM has been pursuing an omni-channel strategy in a bid to expand from conventional core business of TV shopping. It publishes information in all forms of media to serve as an interface with customers. It also operates over-the-phone shopping services, online shopping sites accessible by PCs and smartphones, and physical stores so that customers can choose the channel that best fits their lifestyles. Now, OLM is focusing on bolstering the Shop Japan brand and the Shop Japan experience (the actual experience of Shop Japan's world at each interface with customers) so that they can make Shop Japan the lifestyle brand that believes everyday should be "Fun and Fulfilling" for customers.

On the basis of the Profit Centric Tree (PCT) concept, under which profits from our business activities and richness should be returned to all of our stakeholders, OLM will work to realize our vision of enriching lifestyles worldwide.


Harry A Hill

In 1999, Hill joined Oak Lawn Marketing to manage the call center and in 2006 became President and CEO. Under Hill’s leadership, the company has continued to develop stable brands and enjoy unusual success. Building on the increased exposure and credibility of successful products, Hill has steadily increased revenue from JPY 18.5 billion before he became president in 2006, tripling it in five years, and recording the highest sales in FY2015. In April of 2009, NTT docomo Inc., purchased 51% of Oak Lawn Marketing for JPY 31 billion. Hill initiated and led the negotiations resulting in the merger and became the first non-Japanese president and CEO of a NTT docomo subsidiary.

In addition to his business activities, Hill serves as Chairman of Hope International Development Agency Japan, an NPO with a mission to help the neglected poor. Hill is also an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce Japan and is currently Co-Chair of the CEO Forum. In 2014, Hill was appointed to Co-Chair of CULCON (Conference on Cultural and Educational Interchange) and Chair JUSFC (Japan-US Friendship Commission). Hill's past experiences will contribute greatly to the organizations' efforts in strengthening the U.S. - Japan relationship through educational and cultural exchanges.