HG Management, LLC



HG Management was founded to provide on-site operational oversight to the Roche Enterprises operations located in the Western United States.  HG Management takes a balanced approach to asset management.  With close to 40,000 acres of real estate within its management portfolio, HG management primarily focuses on asset conversion through land development, project selection, and a hands-on operational oversite.  HG Management’s three main projects are Sand Hollow Resort, Green River Companies, and Gallup Land Partners.

Sand Hollow Resort consists of approximately 1,000 acres in Hurricane, Utah entitled as a Public Development overlay (PDO) which allows for 300,000 square feet of commercial property and 1,837 residential units, more than 350 of which have been developed and sold.  It also includes top ranked golf course, clubhouse, and rental properties the generate combined annual resort & hospitality revenues in excess of $4M and assets under management in excess of $100M.

Green River Companies holds the largest privately controlled block of water, more than 50,000 acre feet, in Utah.  Green River Companies has assembled approximately 10,000 in acres near the town of Green River, Utah to develop and hold this water for agricultural use.  Currently Green River Companies has 5,000 acres under pivot generating $1.5M in lease revenues with an asset valuation in excess of $35M for its partners.

Gallup Land Partners consists of approximately 26,000 acres near Gallup, New Mexico.  The largest amount of land available within this project is mostly unproductive, leaving HG Management with the unique task of project selection and development.  Currently, Gallup Land Partners holds more than 40 leases and manages operations as diverse as retail, food & beverage, and property management.  Gallup Land Partners currently has residential and rail-served industrial projects currently under development and has interests in energy and light manufacturing.


Jacob J. Bracken

Jacob Bracken is the Manager of HG Management.  He has over 15 years of professional experience in accounting, real estate development, and business management.  Bracken earned a Master of Accountancy from Brigham Young University and holds a Certified Public Accountant license with the State of Utah. 

Bracken started his career in public accounting while working for Adams, Hafen & Company, a regional CPA firm working with small to mid-sized, entrepreneur-lead businesses.  Bracken left public accounting to own and manage his own businesses in real estate development, property management, and general contracting in which he oversaw more than $25M in revenues.  In 2006, Bracken joined the initial development team at Sand Hollow Resort, a 1000-acre project in Southern Utah, as the CFO and later assumed responsibilities of President.  Under Mr. Bracken’s leadership, Sand Hollow Resort has developed and sold more than 350 home-sites, built a nationally recognized golf course, and built resort and hospitability operations with more than $4M in annual revenues. 

In 2010, Bracken took a more expansive role with the Roche Family Office which eventually lead to the founding of HG Management.  With Bracken, HG Management currently manages close to 40,000 acres across 3 states, and oversees the development and operations of diverse projects including a 5,000-acre farm, golf & hospitality, property management, retail, and development of residential, commercial, and rail-served industrial properties.